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TV HITS 17 is the fifth album by V O Y E U R, the Montreal based duo featuring Byron (vague mémoire / Room Control) and Tom Jarvis (pachyderm / Hey Majesty).

Through the use of analogue and digital technologies, for this album the duo incorporated the key ingredients of Electro-Spectralism (founded by the avant-garde Mexican music school, Los Espejos, in the 1970’s), with elements of House Music and various television clips from the 1960′s to the 1990′s.  This epoch of television was when soap operas ruled the afternoons, children learned about the effects of drugs and other societal dangers with PSA’s, couples made popcorn and watched “The Movie Of The Week”, and night owls ordered the latest gadgets and products through infomercials. If you fell asleep in front of the television, you awoke to a high-pitched tone signaling the end of broadcast and a screen full of static.

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max cover-web

The new release by pachydermMAXIMUM CAPACITY – is now available to stream / download from here:

A message from the band:

“We humbly request to get the full beneficial rewards from our music that you stop whatever you are doing (especially if you are at work) and tap your foot along to the beat, and if so inclined, allow yourself to blow off some steam and let out a scream.”

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PACHYDERM PLAY MAXIMUM : Vinyl fundraiser show


Pachyderm will be performing new songs from their forthcoming album, MAXIMUM, for the first time at Divan Orange, Montreal, on the 22nd June 2017. The show is to raise money for the vinyl pressing of the album, which is due for release in September, 2017.

The band are playing two sets – 9.30pm and 10.45pm.

Also there will be DJ Sons of Suns playing a mix of psych, krautrock, electronica, and rare groove, throughout the night.

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NEW ALBUM – La Ti Da : Tiny Mouth, Wicked and Proud


“Tiny Mouth, Wicked and Proud” is the third album presented to B&SR from Gooseball Brown.

It is the second La Ti Da album produced by Pete Gendron.

A little something about Gooseball Brown:

Gooseball Brown carries on a tradition handed down by Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Old Dirty Bastard, Jeanne D’ Arc, Huckleberry Finn, Katie Jane Garside, and most star systems.

Gooseball Brown has been banging his gitar like a drum and chanting out songs for over 25 years, child, generating the material that comes thru his sounding board from the cosmos while voicing for those who haven’t a chance at a voice for themselves, but mainly Gooseball Brown enjoys himself and encourages you to do so as well as you drop you illusions of authority, power and control. Don’t go hurting nobody.



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Brothers and Sisters Records present the Room Control music video for ‘Glass House’ directed by Split Signal. The track is taken from the band’s EP, ‘Past The Breakers’, released in October 2016. 

The video was filmed by Split Signal (Ludwig Manahan and Erik Naumann) at Montreal artist-run centre Studio XX.

“This is our first video as a band and Split Signal just ran with it. We’ve been fans of their tripped out visuals even before they began working on our live shows. A real rhythmic, psychedelic, dreamlike vibe, which really works for a song like Glass House.” Richard Bunze (Room Control)

“Split Signal is about exploring transcendent visual experience in the wilderness between the lens and the screen. We started Split Signal as a monthly live VJ event and recently started working with Room Control on their live sets. For our first music video collaboration we wanted an ideal expression of the live experience and to create something trippy and psychedelic but also modern.”  Split Signal

UPCOMING SHOW: Saturday February 25th, 8PM @ Pressed in Ottawa, ON – w/ Pachyderm & Clavius Control.

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Some wintery wandering sounds recorded last year at Chantecler cottage in the Laurentides, Quebec.

Featuring : Byron (Room Control, V O Y E U R, vague mémoire), Dan Stefik (Room Control), Tom Jarvis (pachyderm, V O Y E U R), Alex Martin (Longpigs)

Stream and download from here:

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Brothers and Sisters Records presents, ‘Das Totenschiff’,  the fourth release from krautrock torch bearers pachyderm - Tom Jarvis (guitar) and Nico Braesch (drums).

Three of the pieces are un-edited improvisations that capture the telepathic nature in which pachyderm are able to create instant epic music. As with their previous album, ‘Two Weeks of Spring’, the band uses field recordings to create a ‘naturalistic’ environment for their music to exist in.

The title of the album, ‘Das Totenschiff’ (the Death Ship), was coined by the pseudonymous author B. Traven, whose real identity has never been definitively confirmed. It refers to any type of boat that is in such bad condition, it is worth more to its owners over-insured and sunk at the bottom of the sea. The fates of the people on these boats is not a consideration to the owners.

“Some straight-up krautrock, some experimental drone, some improvised jamming and some kosmische ambience – that’s more ideas on one EP than many bands can muster in a career. The impressive thing is the ease with which Jarvis and Braesch turn their collective hands to each approach. Pachyderm appear to be a unit that could turn their hands to pretty much what they want and you just know it’ll be top quality. This is one impressive EP.”  Dayz of Purple and Orange




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“Ladies and gentlemen! The music that you are about to hear contains sorcery, trickery, danger, the conjuring of spirits, and all sorts of mental and physical illusions. Although we are trained professionals in the arts of magic, the occult, and the many forms of deception, our very lives and mental health were constantly at risk while composing I L L U S I O N. But be warned! For your safety and well-being, it is of most utter importance that you follow these specific instructions: Dim the lights. Turn up the volume. Sit very still. And do not be alarmed by what you may experience…it only appears to be real.”

I L L U S I O N is the fourth album by V O Y E U R, a Montreal based duo featuring Byron (vague mémoire / Room Control) and Tom Jarvis (pachyderm / Hey Majesty). The album is available in a specially packaged CD and as a high-quality download.

V O Y E U R are enthusiastic observers of sensational sonics, manipulating samples from pop to classical music, and using analogue drumbeats, synths, tape loops and delays to create a bittersweet rapture of sound that is both melodic and dissonant. Their music follows in the tradition of Electro-Spectralism, which was founded by the avant-garde Mexican music school, Los Espejos, in the early 1970’s.

On I L L U S I O N the duo have incorporated vocal recordings of magicians such as, Harry Houdini and Dai Vernon, performing acts of magic. The art of the sleight of hand is in the ability to use the body as an instrument of deceit and manipulation. In the manner of the great illusionists, V O Y E U R utilise both the grand gesture of distraction and the subtle movement of trickery. Channeling the spirit world, samples of old field recordings from actual exorcisms, séances, spells, along with the duo’s musical improvisations, combine to create moments of tension and release.

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Brothers and Sisters Records present Yesterday Was Yesterday, a compilation of re-mastered demos and studio recordings by the 60’s UK band known variously as, The Planets / Barry Lee Show / The Performin’ Lees. It is the first official re-issue of their music, and includes tracks that were produced in Abbey Road Studios with legendary producer Norman Smith (Pink Floyd).

The tracks on this compilation span the period between 1963-1969 before the band became The Brothers Lees, a musical-comedy act, with which they featured regularly on British television throughout the 70’s and 80’s. All the songs are original compositions by band members Roger Reynolds and Tony Dyball. The songs that the band produced in Abbey Road Studios, which have more orchestral arrangements, were originally released as singles on Columbia Records and Parlophone Records. Other songs on the compilation show the influence of their touring days as The Planets, when the band were playing covers by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Hollies and such like.

All the recordings were re-mastered from either 45/RPM vinyl or acetate discs, which were a type of phonograph record used for direct-to-disc recording with the band performing live. As much undue hiss and noise was removed from the recordings without affecting the original sound, but you will still hear a few crackles and pops that give away the origins of these recordings!

What shines through on the music the band made, is the melodic songwriting, superb vocal harmonies, swinging rhythm section, peak 60’s pop production and lyrics that capture an era of innocence yet with significant cultural change in the air.

Watch a short TV produced documentary about the band here:

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