Jack Thomas

Jack Thomas sits well between the modern sounds of lo-fi/Freak Folk and the Depression Era hollers of Mississippi folk and blues. With favourite artists such as Mississippi John Hurt, Bert Jansch, Blind Blake, Woody Guthrie, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, like so many of his deceased idols, Jack has itchy feet and is constantly jumping to his next step.

After starting out on the folk scene in Vancouver, Jack moved to Montreal in the summer of 2013 where he self-released a couple of EP’s (including one recorded in his bathtub). He was spotted one day on a busy street corner playing slide guitar by Brothers and Sisters record producer Tom Jarvis, who offered to produce his debut album.

The songs for Jack’s debut album were honed as he performed several shows a week in cafes, lofts, bedrooms; anywhere he could play and maybe get some lunch. The recording sessions for the album were held at CCTV studios in Montreal. Violinist Laurence Möller, vocalist Helena Deland, drummer Byron (vague mémoire/Dust Bowl Era) later added parts to these live recordings. The production was kept primitive and natural, the way a story is told or the way a seed is planted.

“There is an innocence and honesty that remains in most people, the struggle is surfacing and excepting it – it being yourself. I think that is what I have tried to do with this album.” Jack Thomas