NEW ALBUM – La Ti Da : Tiny Mouth, Wicked and Proud


“Tiny Mouth, Wicked and Proud” is the third album presented to B&SR from Gooseball Brown.

It is the second La Ti Da album produced by Pete Gendron.

A little something about Gooseball Brown:

Gooseball Brown carries on a tradition handed down by Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Old Dirty Bastard, Jeanne D’ Arc, Huckleberry Finn, Katie Jane Garside, and most star systems.

Gooseball Brown has been banging his gitar like a drum and chanting out songs for over 25 years, child, generating the material that comes thru his sounding board from the cosmos while voicing for those who haven’t a chance at a voice for themselves, but mainly Gooseball Brown enjoys himself and encourages you to do so as well as you drop you illusions of authority, power and control. Don’t go hurting nobody.



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