“Ladies and gentlemen! The music that you are about to hear contains sorcery, trickery, danger, the conjuring of spirits, and all sorts of mental and physical illusions. Although we are trained professionals in the arts of magic, the occult, and the many forms of deception, our very lives and mental health were constantly at risk while composing I L L U S I O N. But be warned! For your safety and well-being, it is of most utter importance that you follow these specific instructions: Dim the lights. Turn up the volume. Sit very still. And do not be alarmed by what you may experience…it only appears to be real.”

I L L U S I O N is the fourth album by V O Y E U R, a Montreal based duo featuring Byron (vague mémoire / Room Control) and Tom Jarvis (pachyderm / Hey Majesty). The album is available in a specially packaged CD and as a high-quality download.

V O Y E U R are enthusiastic observers of sensational sonics, manipulating samples from pop to classical music, and using analogue drumbeats, synths, tape loops and delays to create a bittersweet rapture of sound that is both melodic and dissonant. Their music follows in the tradition of Electro-Spectralism, which was founded by the avant-garde Mexican music school, Los Espejos, in the early 1970’s.

On I L L U S I O N the duo have incorporated vocal recordings of magicians such as, Harry Houdini and Dai Vernon, performing acts of magic. The art of the sleight of hand is in the ability to use the body as an instrument of deceit and manipulation. In the manner of the great illusionists, V O Y E U R utilise both the grand gesture of distraction and the subtle movement of trickery. Channeling the spirit world, samples of old field recordings from actual exorcisms, séances, spells, along with the duo’s musical improvisations, combine to create moments of tension and release.

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