Brothers and Sisters Records present Yesterday Was Yesterday, a compilation of re-mastered demos and studio recordings by the 60’s UK band known variously as, The Planets / Barry Lee Show / The Performin’ Lees. It is the first official re-issue of their music, and includes tracks that were produced in Abbey Road Studios with legendary producer Norman Smith (Pink Floyd).

The tracks on this compilation span the period between 1963-1969 before the band became The Brothers Lees, a musical-comedy act, with which they featured regularly on British television throughout the 70’s and 80’s. All the songs are original compositions by band members Roger Reynolds and Tony Dyball. The songs that the band produced in Abbey Road Studios, which have more orchestral arrangements, were originally released as singles on Columbia Records and Parlophone Records. Other songs on the compilation show the influence of their touring days as The Planets, when the band were playing covers by The Beatles, The Kinks, The Hollies and such like.

All the recordings were re-mastered from either 45/RPM vinyl or acetate discs, which were a type of phonograph record used for direct-to-disc recording with the band performing live. As much undue hiss and noise was removed from the recordings without affecting the original sound, but you will still hear a few crackles and pops that give away the origins of these recordings!

What shines through on the music the band made, is the melodic songwriting, superb vocal harmonies, swinging rhythm section, peak 60’s pop production and lyrics that capture an era of innocence yet with significant cultural change in the air.

Watch a short TV produced documentary about the band here:

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Brothers and Sisters Records present ‘Past the Breakers’, the first official release by Room Control, who have been throwing down lightning bolts into the Montreal music scene in the last year with their epic live sets of swirling heavy grooves.

The band is an instrumental trio consisting of; Byron on synths, effects, samplers; Richard Bunze on bass, effects; Dan Stefik on drums, percussion. Their music fuses a range of genres including, Psych, Krautrock, Electronica, Prog, and Post-Rock, blending these and other styles to avoid easy categorization. Unlike many contemporary psych bands they are not trying to replicate the retro sounds of yore, but are building on them to head towards the horizon in search of new sonic havens.

The EP is available to download or purchase on CD via Bandcamp. It is also streaming on Spotify.

On October 15th the band are performing the whole EP at Atomic Café, Montreal. Details for the show can be found here:

Facebook page:

Check out this teaser:

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Brothers and Sisters Records present : V O Y E U R  :  AU STUDIO XX

One week ago : V O Y E U R : performed at Studio XX : Montréal : this is what happened :

This album is an : unedited : live : improvisation : the creaking floorboards : the opening of beer cans : the occasional exchange of conversation : the bum notes : and the moments of misfiring machines : are an intrinsic part of this recording.

Merci beaucoup à Gwen Denis et Studio XX.


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Brothers and Sisters Records Presents:

Travelogue : Addis Ababa

Tom Jarvis:

Travelogue is a sound collage of music improvisations/performances and ambient sounds I recorded in Addis Ababa in May, 2009. At the time I was accompanying a film crew making a documentary entitled ‘Destino’, for which I had been asked by the film’s director, Caswell Coggins, to compose the music score.

The documentary follows two internationally acclaimed dancers, Addisu Demissie and Junaid Jemal Sendi, as they return to the city of their birth to perform and choreograph an ambitious community performance. Both the performance and the film were produced by the UK based charity Dance Utd.

I tagged along with the film crew around the city, taking the opportunity to capture the sounds wherever we went onto my portable Roland 4-track recorder; traffic, rain, conversations in cafes, dance rehearsals, market places; a collection of ambiences and memories.

A large part of the music on Travelogue is taken from an afternoon spent in the company of Tewolde, who was working as an assistant at the National Theatre were the dance performances were being held. He was also a folk musician and invited me into his home to play some music together; myself on nylon string acoustic guitar and Tewolde playing a variety of Ethiopian instruments such as the ‘Masenqo’ and the ‘Krar.’ The improvised pieces we recorded are a communication of different cultural backgrounds, that manage to find a common ground in melody and rhythm. This experience strengthened my belief that music transcends all divisions of language and culture and unifies us in spirit.


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NEW RELEASE – pachyderm / The Archaics – split cassette


The psychodysleptic sonic exploration of these cats is surreal.

Brothers and Sisters Records are excited to announce the release of a split cassette featuring pachyderm and The Archaics on June 9th. The cassette is being released in conjunction with Sweety Pie Records and is also available to download/stream.

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ROOM CONTROL + AUKS :: Live @ Quai des Brumes

Room Control: (MTL – Brothers and Sisters Records)
Instrumental Cinematic Psych Groove/ Synth-Prog Power Trio
Electro / Garage Rock
VENUE: Quai des Brumes
4481 Rue St-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L2
DOOR: 9:00PM // $5

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(Poster artwork by CLUCA)

This year for Montreal’s Nuit Blanche (27 February), Brothers and Sisters Records is bringing musical Propulsion to the indoor ice skating rink Atrium Le 1000 (located inside Bonaventure Metro), with an evening of live performances and DJ’s from 5PM to Midnight.

pachyderm will be performing two sets over the course of the evening. The band are notorious for playing in atypical spaces such as underneath the Van Horne bypass, on top of a tug boat, and for Nuit Blanche in 2015, an indoor, public swimming pool. pachyderm will be playing songs from their recent album Two Weeks of Spring, which reaches into the netherworld between Eastern and Western musical traditions and fuses it all with the power and the fury of rock.

« pachyderm’s mastery is such that you get the sense that they are going to create magic every time they pick up their instruments. » RIDE THE TEMPO
« A band with the energy of ten creative minds (however they are only two) blending their musical psyche into one mystical being. » IX DAILY

Electronic-duo V O Y E U R will also be performing a set of beat driven, night-time soundtrack music, to send skaters spinning around the arena towards the midnight hour.

Finally, DJ’s Sons of Suns will be mixing up some soul, disco, rock’n’roll and psych music between the live sets to keep the triple lutzing going on in the rink.

The Atrium Le 1000 ice rink will be illuminated in a red ambiance for this special evening.

This event is a co-production between Brothers and Sisters Records and Atrium Le 1000.

Venue: Atrium Le 1000 (Métro Bonaventure),
Address:1000 rue De La Gauchetière Ouest, H3B 4W5
Activity schedule: 27 February / 5 p.m. to midnight
Price including taxes: Free admission
Skates can be rented at the venue or personal skates can be used. Sharpening
services are available on-site at $7.00.

Nuit Blanche



DJ Sons of Suns:

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Brothers and Sisters Records presents: La Ti Da 

Do you remember Gooseball Brown and his weird and sometimes wonderful spillage known as ‘Coyote, Crow, Buffalo, Beaver’.  No – well fuck you and wake up ya bastards – there was some real effort poured into the creation as well as the ensuing review and all you do is lay back, get fat on your own ego bar and moan about how little gets done – blah.  Here we see the dude from Montreal, Quebec munch his way through another 10 tracks this time under a new nom de plume ….. with few boundaries and keeping one alert, unsure and a trifle scared right up until the final note – oooh!

Gooseball Brown has opened the lid on his imaginarium of previous selves and released them out into the universe as intoxicating electric vibrations on the aural manifestation La Ti Da.

The album was produced by Pete “the gentleman” Gendron at Silver Street Studios and features longtime Gooseball collaborators BLZ  (Paradigm Shit, Popskull) and Santosh LaLonde (Bad Uncle, The Unsettlers). The album also features appearances from Brothers and Sisters records’ Byron (Room Control, vague mémoire, voyeur) and Tom Jarvis (pachyderm/HEY MAJESTY).

The album cover uses an original art piece by KOREGORE

The album is available for free download from:



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V O Y E U R is a collaboration between Tom Jarvis (pachyderm / Hey Majesty) and Byron (vague mémoire / Dust Bowl Era / Room Control.)

J U N G L E is one continuous 38 minute piece, mixing samples and electronic instrumentation, that walks the line between improvisation and song.

J U N G L E is divided into six sections:

1. I N V A S I O N (0:00 – 8:03)
2. D E S T R U C T I O N (8:04 – 15:26)
3. V I L L A G E (15:27 – 21:39)
4. T R I B A L (21:40 – 24:13)
5. S A C R I F I C E (24:14 – 34:57)
6. O C E A N (34:58 – 37:34)

Invasion: Orders written on the back of a napkin, gladly accepted by valiant Knights with shaking, willing and grateful hands. The crest is ironed. The flag is unrolled. Ready to seek justice, the Knights blindfold themselves and prepare for battle.

Destruction: The broken tail of a helicopter rises up out of a thick green swamp, a fossilized weapon that represents failure to the invaders who created this machine to seek and destroy. It is a monument of victory for those who shot it down.

Village: Harmony without the major or the minor. Time is the rising and setting of the sun, full moons, the duration of thunderstorms, the grumbling of empty stomachs. Space is the distance from the river to the fire and back again.

Tribal: Entwined and wrapped around one another like vine leaves. The bubble is pierced from the outside and a suffocating fear pours in and intoxicates the air. The tribe must leave. But they will only do so together.

Sacrifice: The men and women crowd around the boats by the river bank under a dark sky illuminated by flashing streaks of purple and orange. The smell of gasoline burns their eyes. Everything they’ve known fades away from sight as they float downstream.

Ocean: Spilling out from the mouth of the river and into an endless horizon of blue. Safe from harm, the search for dry land begins. Hope is their weapon.


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Festival L’éclair – 31 October – La Passe : All nighter of bands/DJ’s/dancers and festive freakiness


DONDEpiano and Brothers and Sisters have joined forces for the first time to present Festival Éclair, an all nighter of bands, dancers, DJs and festive freakiness, which will be held at the anarchist library La Passe, Downtown Montreal (1214, de la Montagne).

Starting at 9pm and continuing until dawn, several groups who have distinguished themselves in 2015 on the local music scene will be performing: opening the night in the main room will be synth-prog power trio Room Control, pachyderm will reinterpret their album Two Weeks of Spring launched earlier this year, Yokofeu will revive their flaming performance from last Francouvertes, and FELP and CHIENVOLER will dramatically raise the temperature of the room.

festival éclair

In a second room sonic experimenters V O Y E U R will be improvising mini-sets throughout the night and will do a full performance at 2am, followed by DJ sets by FELP, Byron and Tom Jarvis.

The others rooms will be occupied by dancers from Nebuleuse and Atypique le collectif, two new dance companies, for you to live immersive experiences throughout the building during the course of the evening.

Under the artistic direction of Felix Petit.

A Halloween costume is appropriate, but not required.

Address: 1214 de la Montagne, Montreal.
The suggested entry price is $10 but any contribution less or more will be accepted.
Doors open: 8PM.
Event finishes: 6AM, 1 November

FB Event :

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