• Midnight pool party. . . might just be what is most needed to shake of the winter blues. This rock’n’roll pool party will be hosted at Piscine Shubert as part of Montreal’s Nuit Blanche program. If your looking to take part in the festivities, yet can’t bare to be out in the cold, this pool party is sure to channel summer vibes and good times. Those who don’t want to get wet can dance the night away instead. Naked Underground Montreal
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  • BUCKETLIST – 8/10 – “Two Weeks of Spring is, by all means, an upstanding example of the fiercely unique Montreal indie scene. Blending everything from blues, experimental, and desert rock to psychedelia, the album stands as a testament to the fact that the alliance between these two gentlemen and their friends should be neither underestimated, nor ignored.” Jordan Hodgins
  • DAYZ OF PURPLE AND ORANGE – “Two Weeks Of Spring was recorded live and improvised and that shines through; it has a natural flow and spontaneity that is refreshing in this day and age of overdubs, over-production and ‘cut’n'paste’ recording techniques. The level of musicianship is equalled only by the level of imagination and the distillation of global reference points. It is an album that brings new meaning to the word ‘soundscape’… a work of consumate skill and beauty.”
  • RIDE THE TEMPO – 4.5/5 – “Pachyderm’s mastery is such that you get the sense that they are going to create magic every time they pick up their instruments. Judging by ‘Two Weeks of Spring’, they are quite capable of doing just that. It is fair to say they occupy the same rarefied space as post-rock giants Godspeed You! Black Emperor. But, of course, it’s all the more impressive because Jarvis/Braesch can produce the same level of complexity with just the two of them.” Mark Anthony Brennan.
  • IX DAILY – Pachyderm’s ‘Two Weeks of Spring’ Album Brings Desert Heat To Montreal – “Last year I stumbled upon an amazing band during my coverage of Montreal’s Psych Fest. A band with the energy of 10 creative minds (however they are only two) blending their musical psyche into one mystical being.  Pachyderm is one of those eclectic, magical and other worldly creations of sound you almost can’t believe you’re listening to. For someone who literally has “feel the music” tattooed on herself, it’s needless to say that this band got under my skin and gave me faith that real, heartfelt and inspiring music will never die.” Jessica Abou.
  • – Gregory Adam, February 21 2014 – “Former Can frontman Damo Suzuki is constantly on the go, collaborating with whomever he comes across from city to city for improvisational jams. Last summer, the singer spent some time in Montreal, and if you missed it, you can now hear what he and his sound carriers got up to with a full-set download. The performance took place last July at Montreal’s Divan Orange venue, and throughout the night Suzuki was joined on stage by pachyderm multi-instrumentalist Tom Jarvis and drummer Nico Braesch, as well saxophonist Felix Felp Petit, Dust Bowl Era’s Brandon Webb on keyboards, guitar and harmonica, and Bryon (vague mémoire) playing on a second set of drums.There’s over three hours of spirited, collaborative experimentations to sift through, and you can either stream a sample of the set down below or download it in full here, via Brothers and Sisters Records.”
  • LES MÉCONNUS – Le dernier show sur terre de Pachyderm, 17 décembre 2012 – « Suite à une année 2012 bien remplie par la parution de son second Album T-CE! en mai 2012, l’organisation de deux spectacles d’envergure Zodiak Club (Jack n Judie bar et Bain Saint Michel), le lancement de ses plateformes en ligne (nouveau site et bandcamp) et la mise en ligne de plusieurs vidéos, Pachyderm performera au Barfly pour présenter ses nouvelles pièces qui feront l’objet d’un enregistrement au début de l’année 2013! Le jeudi 20 décembre au Barfly à 22h, vous aurez droit à des pièces que le groupe qualifie de «plus puissantes, plus garage, plus courtes, mais qui conservent le son et l’intensité du duo.»
  • CULT MONTREAL – Lorraine Carpenter, Krautrock lives at Zodiak Club, 24 août 2012 – “Krautrock was one of Germany’s most important contributions to modern music, having laid groundwork for post-punk, industrial, shoegazing and electronic music. But it’s not a thing of the past. Montreal’s Tom Jarvis and Nico Braesch of Pachyderm are practitioners of the genre, and are sharing their passion for it with an event series called Zodiak Club. The first edition happened in May at Jackie & Judy, and the second takes place tonight and tomorrow night.”
  • THE MIRROR – Johnson Cummins, Blue Sunshine shines no more, 10 mai 2012 – “I just want to hip you to an absolutely great local record, T-CE! by Pachyderm. Pachyderm’s 2010 debut, Parabola, blindsided me with brilliance but this follow-up digs deeper into Neu!-styled propulsion and hypnotic transcendence. Though they’re taking a page from Kraftwerk’s book, drawing inspiration from a 1940’s documentary on the Trans-Canada Highway, the band is able to imprint their own signature despite the obvious nod to the mid-70s Germanic movement.”



  • “Gooseball Brown is raw man, totally and utterly raw. This Brothers and Sisters release backs up my statement . . .  it is a really tumbling affair with danger levels high throughout and with the principles to keep it real maintained. My thoughts are of a stalwart determined to fight his corner and to do it his own way – I can’t argue with that . . . . there is stuff here to contemplate, to see through and to swing to – we all need to cultivate these cracked crooners and make sure they never give in – go on, get Gooseballed.” Fungal Punk.


vague mémoire

  • “The settings for With the World of Dreams are appropriately diverse. Voices fill up “Bad Memories” like a deep proscenium stage. Synth lines stretch out, telling a long tale, while the puckering lyrics pop up like gophers. It’s an interesting effect, one that demonstrates Vague Mémoire’s unique take on the traiditional elements of melody and lyric from the first moments of the full length. “Breathe Into the Pocket” is adversely reserved, synth strings cast off in the distance while muted beats keep control of the foreground. The chugging loops of “Permanent Phase” feel like a benumbed journey up river, into the heart of the jungle; glittering tones cast back from left channel to right, but a sonorous beat continues steadily along, like a singing clock. These are very different terrains, places that Byron wants listeners to dream within, and cast themselves anew with each change of setting.” Jack Derricourt
  • “Montreal-based producer Byron makes his debut as Vague Mémoire with full-length With The World Of Dreams. The album is a seven-track work of dense sound collages, consisting of synthesizers, guitars, feedback, field recordings and enough delay to make many of the sounds on the album indiscernible.” Philip James de Vries (



  • I’m happy to say that the heart of rock and roll was brought back to life within this band. The entire album had me on my floor, staring into the abyss, listening and imagining the world that the band had created for me. A grin was plastered to my face the entire time; the lyrics got me thinking about life and the human condition. When it ended, I did not know what to do with myself. I was in shock at the world I had entered and once placed back in my reality, I found myself just wanting to replay the album over and over again. I’m holding the torch up high for these men, hoping they make it as far as they want. The world needs the music that Dust Bowl Era has graced us with. If you aren’t already following this band, you should definitely start.” Alicia D’Aversa.
  • “The musicianship of this band is top notch, it’s catchy, and makes you want to dance anywhere. With a sound that’s very reminiscent to the early days of rock ‘n’ roll; a good first album, which shows a promising future for Dust Bowl Era.” Ryan Milligan. Bucketlist Music Reviews



  • “Remodel II, the debut album by Hey Majesty is an eclectic journey . . . a collection of well-produced and very fun dance songs. The next time you throw a party and can’t decide what music to have on in the background, Remodel II would make an excellent choice.”
  • “Montreal’s Hey Majesty (aka Tom Jarvis) delivers a great little 8-song album, ‘The Peeling Factory’. There’s ’60s swirling psychedelia, ’70s krautrock/glam, some ’80s new wave (a la Devo), and then he delivers it all up with fresh contemporary embellishments such as tape delays, reverb/echo, sampling and looping. Highlights include “Kamikaze” with its great groove and “Capsized” in which Jarvis shows off his ability to play just about every instrument on the planet.” Mark Anthony Brennan.



  • “…each track feels so connected to the next, and the entire thing fits together in a manner more stylistically reminiscent of a classical or orchestral piece than of a modern music album. With something like this, I think the appeal lies very much in the subtleties of sound and craftsmanship, and it’s certain elements within each track which provide the areas of standout interest for me…”  Amy Griffiths.…/


Room Control

  • “Canadian three-piece Room Control’s first official release ‘Past The Breakers’ is a sonic journey through synthesized alien atmospheres and industrial 80’s inspired snare hits…leaving you completely entranced throughout the entire record.”