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Brothers and Sisters Records presents: La Ti Da 

Do you remember Gooseball Brown and his weird and sometimes wonderful spillage known as ‘Coyote, Crow, Buffalo, Beaver’.  No – well fuck you and wake up ya bastards – there was some real effort poured into the creation as well as the ensuing review and all you do is lay back, get fat on your own ego bar and moan about how little gets done – blah.  Here we see the dude from Montreal, Quebec munch his way through another 10 tracks this time under a new nom de plume ….. with few boundaries and keeping one alert, unsure and a trifle scared right up until the final note – oooh!


people who wrote and played on this album-

gooseball brown of Merles Gitar Band, Paradigm Shit, Popskull
guitars, lyrics, voice

BLZ of Paradigm Shit, Popskull
guitars, drums, organ, piano, voice, programming L.U.C.I.F.E.R. and The Metempsychosis of Gooseball Brown

Pete “the gentleman” Gendron
bass, drums, organ, percussion, piano, cool old rhythm producing machine from the 70s, kazoo

Santosh LaLonde of Bad Uncle, The Unsettlers, and others
melodian, organ, piano, mandolin, cool old plastic slide tube horn

Tom Jarvis of pachyderm, Hey Majesty

Byron of Room Control, vague mémoire, voyeur
drums drums DRUMS

… and some random kickass saxophone player from the next practice room.

produced by Pete “the gentleman” Gendron @ Silver Street Studios……………………….

Album cover art by KOREGORE

Copyright (2015) Brothers and Sisters Records