pachyderm : Das Totenschiff (DOWNLOAD)



Product Description

‘Das Totenschiff’ is the fourth release by krautrock torch bearers pachyderm - Tom Jarvis (guitar) and Nico Braesch (drums).

The title of the album, ‘Das Totenschiff’ (the Death Ship), was coined by the pseudonymous author B. Traven, whose real identity has never been definitively confirmed. It refers to any type of boat that is in such bad condition, it is worth more to its owners over-insured and sunk at the bottom of the sea. The lives of the people on these boats is not a consideration to the owners.

“Some straight-up krautrock, some experimental drone, some improvised jamming and some kosmische ambience – that’s more ideas on one EP than many bands can muster in a career. The impressive thing is the ease with which Jarvis and Braesch turn their collective hands to each approach. Pachyderm appear to be a unit that could turn their hands to pretty much what they want and you just know it’ll be top quality. This is one impressive EP.”  Dayz of Purple and Orange


Written and Produced by pachyderm

Tom Jarvis – guitar, field recordings, tape loops
Nico Braesch – drums, synth on ‘Das Totenschiff’

Recorded at CCTV Studios except ‘Das Totenschiff’, recorded at Great White, St-Anicet.

Mixed and Mastered by Tom Jarvis


Copyright 2016